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Webinar: Advancing the Circular Economy Through Procurement

The circular economy aims to keep products and materials at their highest value at all times, eliminate waste, and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. It goes beyond simply recycling - from production to end-of-life and along the entire supply chain - by improving product design, business models, and modes of consumption.

Please register to the City of Toronto and the Recycling Council of Ontario's Webinar on August 21st that highlights the City of Toronto's journey to becoming a Circular City and:

*outlines the process to engage stakeholders in developing a circular framework;

*spotlights key considerations to advance a circular economy through procurement.


Annette Synowiec – Manager Business Operations & Change Initiatives, City of Toronto

Jo-Anne St. Godard, Executive Director, Recycling Council of Ontario

To register please visit: Advancing the Circular Econonmy
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