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MWA Spring Workshop LAST CHANCE Registration

The three-day event begins with a networking day on Tuesday with the annual Golf Classic or tree-top trekking or horseback trail ride or an RPRA Panel Workshop followed by the opening of the trade show, a reception, bbq and the 2nd Annual Trivia Night.

On Wednesday morning there will be local tours to the Brendar Environmental - HHW Depot in Bracebridge; Muskoka Brewery tour or the Rowewarne Landfill Bracebridge.

The sessions begin in the late morning with an in-depth look at the latest status report on the Blue Box Program Plan, the new Authority and a state of the industry report on designated materials wind-up programs. We will have updates from the Markets, the City of Toronto cart contamination reduction program and the annual Promotion and Education (P&E) Awards.

Our Thursday sessions this year will look at the growth of a multi-residential organics collection program, a Master's Thesis on waste diversion expansion within the Ontario Places to Grow Act; an update on a progressive multi-residential P&E program; partnerships with First Nation communities. Food waste reduction academic research, a report on co-digestion off SSO and Biosolids and behavioural insights into barriers to recycling.

Payments can be made online at: Spring Workshop Registration

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