April 11, 2019

Note: See the Press Release Issued March 20th for the Toronto Textile Waste Symposium April 11 

Hosted by the Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative (OTDC), this Symposium will delve into various textile diversion strategies, provide the opportunity to learn from global leaders who are making fashion circular, find meaningful ways to collaborate, and together change a system that is clearly broken.

The Symposium will also act as the official launch of the OTDC consumer awareness advertising campaign, which will be visible across Ontario. The thought-provoking ads (courtesy of Public Inc) will focus on the importance of donating unwanted textiles so that they don’t end up in landfill or in recycling bins. The creative for this campaign is available to any Ontario municipality (at no charge) who is committed to textile diversion.

The OTDC states:

“We are excited about the following speakers/panelist/moderators who  have already confirmed:

  • Carolina Bedoya, Resale Recycling Manager, Eileen Fisher, New York, a retailer shows how it becomes circular.
  • Bob Kenney,  Recycling Development Officer Sustainability and Innovation, Air Quality and Resource Management Nova Scotia Department of Environment (NSE)
  • Karen Storry, Senior Project Engineer, Zero Waste Implementation, Solid Waste Services Metro Vancouver
  • Virginia Maclaren, Associate Professor University of Toronto, the newest study how consumers manage textiles
  • Dave Kasper,  General Recycled, Vancouver, Canada Area, a unique system of post-consumer recycling of aramid fabrics.”

For more information: https://mailchi.mp/279ed893d202/wear2018-agenda-announcement-3419521?e=%5bUNIQID

To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/textile-diversion-recycling-symposium-tickets-56412583556