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You should be advertising in the MWA newsletter, For R Information.

This is your opportunity to reach municipal program operators.

For R Information is read by waste management professionals and decision-makers across Ontario—and beyond). The newsletter is mailed to all MWA municipal and corporate members and supporters.

Prices range from $800 for a quarter-page ad in all editions of For R Information to $2,100 for full-page ads (member rates).

Not sure about the design of your ad? We can help.

Whether you want a quarter page, a half-page or a full-page display ad, let us know your needs and we will accommodate you. Don’t worry; we will send all artwork back to you for proofing approval.

Feel free to send your artwork to

We have other advertising/sponsorship opportunities through our Spring and Fall Workshops.

Call Trevor Barton at (519) 823-1990 if you have further questions, schedule ads and to process payments.