MWA Spring Conference Program 2018 v7 HQ
Attendees List Spring 2018

Speaker Presentations (warning – some of these files are huge!)

May 29, 2018

Mary Cummins RPRA et al: Getting to know the RPRA

May 30, 2018 

Dave Gordon AMO: Ontario’s Blue Box Where are we Now and What it Means

Mary Cummins RPRA: “Not Your Mother’s WDO” (missing file)

Phil Zigby MWA: Markets Update

Nadine Kerr replacing Jim McKay Toronto Presentation

MWA AGM Operating Year 2017 Review Presentation 

MWA Spring 2018 Busch Systems: Partner Innovation

John Watson P&E Judges Committee: MWA 2018 P&E Awards

MWA Spring 2018 SHIFT Recycling: Partner Innovation

MWA Spring 2018 Recycle Coach: Partner Innovation

May 31, 2018

Multi-Res Committee Update

Melynda Patterson Halton Region: MR Organics 200th Bldg

Carol Slaughter Region of Durham: MR Diversion and Places to Grow

Charlotte Ueta City of Toronto:  MR Lessons Learned Comms & Engagement

Karl Allen Northumberland County: First Nations Recycling Partnership

MWA Organics Committee Update

Mike Von Massow U of G: Food Waste Reduction Research

Peter Klaassen Tetra Tech: Co-Digesting SSO & Biosolids

Grace McKenzie Region of Peel: Barriers to Recycling: Behavioural Insights

MHSW Committee Update

On behalf of the MWA Board of Directors, thank you to all our speakers, partner sponsors, golfers, trivia buffs and Workshop attendees for a successful Spring 2018 Workshop!