It is no longer a question if new advanced technologies must be brought online to manage the many complex resource materials that can’t be easily recycled in current systems, but rather how they will be integrated to make a sustainable impact in our pursuit of Zero Waste.

These resource recovery technologies:

  • extend the lifecycle of products and packaging beyond their primary use,
  • reintroduce high-value resources back into the production system and
  • supercharge diversion from landfill.

After reduction and reuse, recovery technologies are a recognized essential component that compliments mechanical recycling in the drive toward zero waste: THIS is Diversion 2.0.

RRPC 2019 is your best opportunity to get up to speed, so you understand the shape and scale of these new technologies and can guide your organization or municipality on the path to a sustainable, zero-waste future.

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RRPC Speakers

Here are just some of the speakers you’ll interact with at the 6th Annual RRP Conference:

  1. Paula Luu, Project Director, Center for the Circular Economy – Accelerating Circular Supply Chains for Plastics: Research Findings and a Path Forward for Investment and Partnership
  2. Christina Marciano, Senior Associate, Sussex Strategy – Getting to Zero Waste with Advanced Resource Recovery: Barriers & Opportunities for Industry and Government.
  3. Usman Valiante, Senior Policy Analyst, Cardwell Grove Inc. – Towards a Circular Economy for Plastics: All the Benefits of Plastics Without Waste

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