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Waste Professional Management Seminar Series 3: RFP Development & Contract Risk

Ontario Chapter of SWANA is hosting a 4-part webinar series on RFP Development & Contract Risk

Thursdays at 12 pm EST, June 18 to July 16.

For more information and to register, go to

This seminar series objective is to aid professionals in the waste management industry, by broadening their knowledge on the challenges of business management. The industry is changing rapidly with new program goals being pushed by government as well as tightening economics and the need to accomplish more with the same amount of funding. These seminars will not only equip you to become a better professional but offer enlightenment on issues that are going to be important in the next few years.

In the third Seminar in the Ontario Chapter of SWANA Waste Professional Management Seminar series, we will focus on contract negotiations, specifications and the associated risks factors from an insurance standpoint. Due to restrictions from meeting in large groups for an in-person presentation day, this Seminar will be hosted as a four part webinar series.