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Municipal Membership

Our municipalities are the heart of our industry; they are where we live and work, and the reason we do the work we do. We’re happy to offer Municipalities scaled membership rates depending on your population size.

A Municipal MWA Membership contains the following value-adds:

  • exclusive access to our database
  • a subscription to For R Information; our news magazine curated by the MWA;
  • email bulletins when urgent news breaks; when something comes up that demands action; Member’s Inquiries and archived responses
  • information about upcoming events, job postings and tenders/RFP/RFQ announcements

A Municipal Membership can be purchased online via the link below or by using the downloadable PDF form below to complete, print/scan and email it to or send it by surface mail to MWA C/O 10C Shared Space, 42 Carden Street, Guelph, ON N1H 3A2

MWA Bylaw Definition for Municipal Member

(a) Municipal – shall consist of a municipality (defined for purposes of this by-law same as in the Municipal Act: a locality the inhabitants of which are incorporated), and shall be represented by one employee who has been designated by that municipality. Membership privileges extend to elected representatives and employees of the Member municipality. In addition, membership privileges extend to volunteer(s) which may, from time to time, be appointed by the Member municipality to deal with interests similar to the objects of the Corporation. Municipal Members shall be invited to participate in Committees, attend meetings of the Members, share information, and shall receive pertinent information and minutes of Members’ meetings. Each Municipal member shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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